Feed Your Life – Part 1

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March 16, 2016
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Feed Your Life – Part 1

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to you and your life than your to-do lists and the endless daily grind? If so, then welcome to the club – you’re in really good company. The majority us working adults have probably asked ourselves at some point how the mechanics of life have come to monopolize our energy and attention while the meaning of life goes hardly remembered. Shifting even a sliver of our focus from life’s management to its magic opens the door to greater fulfillment and can significantly improve our quality of life.

So, how do we do get more magic without having a Hollywood blockbuster budget? The answer is simple, though not necessarily easy. We start on the inside by first reflecting on the different ways that purpose, joy and fulfillment show up in our lives. Then, we imagine experiencing them more fully in our bodies, homes, workplaces and communities. These two steps are the first of six about which we’re blogging and are explored at greater length below.
1. Continuously ask yourself what are the sources of love, joy, fulfillment, meaning and purpose in your life. This question never gets old because you’re in a constant state of change. Yesterday’s answers may not apply to today’s realities. Whatever you may think about yourself, you are not the same person that you used to be. What fulfilled you at 10 may not interest you at 50. So, when we stop asking the question, we run the risk of having stock answers that no longer fit our lives and create distance from our hearts. The truth is that the reason most of us don’t know what makes us happy is because we stop considering it. It moves so far into the background of our lives and our consciousnesses that we start thinking of it in mythical ways.

The good news is that what makes us happy can never really be lost, it can only be ignored. And when we begin to entertain the question again, happiness can alas push its way to the forefront of our thinking, feeling and eventually our doing. In this way, the question serves as an invitation to keep knowing and learning ourselves.

2. Use your imagination; it’s your greatest creative faculty! Our imagination knows no bounds. We can imagine anywhere and “any-when” at anytime. Inside its innumerable dimensions all things are possible. Imagination is our key to remembering how life really works at its deepest levels and when embraced can help us recall our true nature as CREATORS!

Whatever we think on and dream about with regularity, we usually act upon. Vision is powerfully attractive. It organizes our choices and when shared, often magnetizes the guidance, people and resources that can aid in its fulfillment. In truth, our imagination is the first way that we occupy the realities we most want to experience.