What We Do


At Emerging Wisdom we have five competencies that shape our work with you. Though each is distinct, they collectively form a practice that is designed to accelerate your growth and enhance the community’s wellbeing. The brief descriptions below provide an overview of what we do. You can also find more detailed information on our competencies by choosing to “learn more.”


Whether focused on your career’s progression or making the most of life’s transitions, our coaches will help you find your growth edge and embrace it. We recognize your innate intelligence and help you turn it into usable wisdom that increases your personal power. When centered in this place of power, you devise more creative responses to your circumstances; engage in enlightened action; and forge new possibilities for yourself and others.


In a dynamic, knowledge-based economy, a commitment to lifelong learning is not only an asset, it’s an advantage. Our trainings merge the best of what we know with your insights and experiences to create highly interactive learning environments. We help you sharpen your skills and build your capacity in a variety of domains, including leadership, communications, operational and strategic planning, public engagement, influence and persuasion, community empowerment and personal growth. We also develop workshops that address your particular interests so that you get the training that’s right for you.


We don’t have all the answers, but we do have a rigorous process for arriving at the best solutions. We work with you and your team to understand your needs; clarify your goals; assess your environment; develop a course of action; and assemble the people needed to make change happen. We are process consultants whose expertise augments your own, enabling you to address and resolve your most complex and challenging dilemmas.


Creating the future by design requires more than clear vision; it requires collaboration. We use facilitation and planning to align your group’s interests so that participants work together to advance a common good. The synergy that arises, both in large and small group settings, is the result of active listening, thoughtful inquiry, and authentic sharing – the bedrocks of our facilitation practice. Each of these activities is pivotal in building strong relationships and generates insights that yield incredible breakthroughs in team functioning, strategic planning and multi-stakeholder community initiatives.


Truth telling in a manner that enlightens and uplifts is an art form that Emerging Wisdom’s Founder, Rebeccah Bennett, has mastered. An inspirational teacher and expert communicator, Rebeccah has moved tens of thousands with her words of wisdom, elevating insights and commanding presence. She captures the hearts and minds of her audiences through an appealing blend of storytelling, experience sharing and audience interactions that leave her listeners wanting more. Whether your event is focused on personal growth or professional development, Rebeccah will work the crowd in a way that few others can and customize her presentation to meet your needs.