Who We Are


Emerging Wisdom (EW) is a forward-thinking social enterprise that helps individuals live empowered lives; leaders build impactful organizations; and communities advance brighter futures.  Founded in 2006 by Rebeccah Bennett, a renowned strategist, coach and consultant, our company designs and facilitates personal and professional growth programs, organizational improvement efforts, and social transformation initiatives.  We serve corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, networks and individuals working to bring about positive change for themselves and their communities.

Our principal offerings include coaching, training, consulting, facilitation and planning, and professional speaking.  These competencies are the result of nearly 20 years of research and practice discerning what it takes to help clients achieve real growth and impact.  Whether we are conducting community or strategic planning, coordinating small or large-scale systems change, working one-on-one with coaching clients or sharing our insights with thousands, we customize each offering to deliver lasting breakthroughs and exceptional results.


Our mission is to help individuals, groups and organizations manifest the best within themselves and create communities that sustain the best in us all.


As a global change agent, we elevate love-centered ways of being over fear-based conditioning as a means of spurring unparalleled human growth, creativity and connection.


Love is one of the most powerful forces of nature – the principal driver of human connection and growth.  It is infinitely creative; defies boundary and limitation; and motivates action.  At Emerging Wisdom, love underlies our purpose and is the source of our commitment.  It orders our interactions; raises our expectations; and evokes excellence in our work.

Appreciation enables us to find value in all of our experiences so that we learn from them and mine them for insight.  This open orientation to life sharpens our perception, allowing us to see beneath the surface of things to that which lies at the core.   We can then help our clients more effectively access the opportunities for growth and discovery inherent in each of their situations.

Beyond the vexing dichotomies of daily life is a state of deep connection

and interdependence that frequently escapes our notice.  Greater awareness of this state – life’s underlying wholeness – elevates our decision-making and aids in the development of highly creative solutions to our most complex and difficult problems.

Everyday we strive to be of great service to our clients and community.  We believe that to whom much is given, much is required, so we use our expertise, resources and relationships to address human and community needs.  This commitment guides our work and frames our practice of servant leadership.

In the exercise of our mission, we use our knowledge, skills and resources in optimal, life enhancing ways.  This means that we always pursue the best courses of action for our clients, our company and the community at-large.


At Emerging Wisdom we have five competencies that anchor our practice.  Detailed information on each of these can be obtained by clicking the selection(s) of your choice.