Professional Speaking

Rebeccah Bennett has been speaking publicly since she was six and professionally since she was in her teens. Years of practice have turned her gift into an artisan’s craft, where she skillfully engages, examines and enlightens in ways that move her audiences to action. She gets and keeps audience members’ attention and guides them on how to use their learning to transform their work, homes and communities.

Whether Rebeccah serves as your event’s keynote speaker, program panelist, moderator or emcee, she employs a five-step process to make your affair a success (see the figure to the right). Taken together, these steps give Rebeccah the clarity, confidence and conviction needed to captivate everyone in the room. She aligns her heartfelt messages of change and possibility with your event’s agenda in a manner that excites and delights.

shop1Feed Your Life: Finding Satisfaction & Fulfillment DVD

Based on the phenomenal Feed Your Life workshop series, this DVD offers nearly three hours of soul-stirring insights on how to create a life that overflows with wonder, satisfaction, fulfillment, possibility and deep connection. You’ll focus on what nourishes and excites you and learn how to give these things more of your undivided attention.

Rebeccah Bennett, Feed Your Life’s guide and inspirational teacher, will remind you that managing your life’s commitments and responsibilities does not have to suck all of the joy out of daily living. She’ll show you how to make room for your life’s magic by opening more fully to the passions and people that feed you at the deepest levels of your being. Together, you’ll explore simple steps for experiencing greater joy and wellbeing that can be practiced right now and for many years to come.


CD_insert_final_coverLiving An Extraordinary Life: Reclaiming Your Power & Greatness CD

Every life has its turning points – times when the old ways of doing things no longer suffice for life’s new set of realities, opportunities and demands. Rather than being occasions for fear, these transition periods offer us the chance to exercise our power in innovative and intentional ways. They cause us to search our experiences for meaning and insight, induce profound shifts in our awareness, and compel us to examine our decision-making. In the face of such change, our charge is to express the highest and best within ourselves so that we consciously advance our soul’s growth and fulfillment. This is the key to creating an extraordinary life, and it lies waiting for us to use it!



Professional Speaking Testimonials

  • “Rebeccah has the profound ability to inspire people to fulfill a higher purpose and meaning, personally and professionally. She creates a common sense of unity through her gift of communication, which is intuitive, insightful and enlightening.”
    Lara Pennington
    Executive Director - Queen of Peace Center
  • “Rebeccah Bennett has served as the emcee for the St. Louis American Foundation’s annual Salute to Young Leaders awards program since its inception in 2011. Rebeccah brings remarkable energy to the program that consistently leaves our audience engaged and inspired.”
    Dr. Donald M. Suggs
    Publisher & Executive Editor - St. Louis American