Emerging Wisdom is in the business of giving expert advice to nonprofit organizations, government agencies, corporations and leaders seeking to effect large and small-scale systems change.  Whether we focus on internal systems involving multiple teams and departments or external ones that connect different entities, our work is to help these groups shift the way they make decisions about their policies, programs and resources.  We have years of experience strengthening organizational decision-making through our situational analysis, stakeholder engagement, planning, program design and project implementation.

We are process consultants whose competencies complement your expertise and whose practice expands your capacity to manage change and complexity.    On every project, we take the time to:



Our proven methodology allows us to consistently arrive at the best solutions to your most challenging dilemmas.  It also helps us target our efforts in effective, cost-efficient ways so that you get clear returns on your investment.

The real value that we deliver comes from the knowledge that we’ve gained working with many groups in many industries.  Our heterogeneous mix of clients has given us diverse experiences, which we use to quickly discern patterns of behavior and dysfunction as well as hidden opportunities and points of leverage.  When we add to this our technical expertise in the areas of community and strategic planning, policy analysis, collaborative development, public meeting design and facilitation, communications and leadership development, we provide our clients with an array of means to make lasting change happen.

Consulting Testimonials

  • "Working with Rebeccah Bennett is putting your team and your company or organization in the hands of a professional. She treats your organization as if it was her own. She applies her strategic brain power, her incredible communication and facilitation skills, and her questioning mind to uncover the true value of your team and your mission.  The road ahead becomes clear and the goals achievable."
    Maxine Clark
    Founder, Build-A-Bear Workshop CEO, The Clark-Fox Family Foundation
  • “Rebeccah's commitment to her client's success is unmatched. She is thoughtful in her consulting and coaching, which makes her recommendations brilliant. She is honest and transparent in her leadership and facilitation, which generates collaboration and connection among even the most diverse groups. And...she is genuine in her service to the community, which makes the world a better place.”
    Vanessa Foster Cooksey
    Senior Vice President of Community Affairs - Wells Fargo Advisors